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Organisation of REGLEG

REGLEG is headed by an annual Presidency in the framework of a regional Trio. The presiding region is in charge of organising the activities of the network via the General Secretariat, including the meetings of the Coordination Committee (CoCo), the meetings of the Coordination Committee Plus, the meeting of the enlarged Coordination Committee as well as preparing the annual Conference.

Regional Trio Presidency

To ensure the stability and continuity of the network and its activities, REGLEG has established a regional Trio Presidency. This Trio is currently composed of the Aragon region, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Land of Vienna. After Aragon in 2010, the Brussels-Capital Region took over in 2011. The President of REGLEG is Mr Jean-Luc Vanraes, Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region government. The current Presidency is therefore in charge of organising and hosting the annual Conference, in collaboration with the two other members of the Trio.

REGLEG Annual Conference

Every year, the Presidents or political representatives of all 73 regions with legislative power come together in the region that holds the Presidency.  In the framework of the current Trio, the annual Conference took place in Aragon (Zaragoza) in 2010 and will be taking place in the Brussels-Capital Region (Brussels) in 2011 and Vienna in 2012.

Coordination Committee (6 meetings a year)

The Coordination Committee meets in Brussels and is composed of representatives of member regions of REGLEG: 1 to 4 representatives per national delegation (4 Regions for Germany, Spain and Italy, 2 Regions for the United Kingdom, Austria and Belgium and 1 Region for Portugal and Finland).  The agenda is put forward by the General Secretariat.

Coordination Committee Plus (CoCo+)

Kick-started by the 2011 Presidency, the CoCo+ meets 4 to 5 times a year, just after the meetings of the Coordination Committee. It brings together the members of CoCo as well as representatives of the Brussels-based regional representation offices of member regions of REGLEG. These meetings allow for information and knowledge exchange for the benefit of members of REGLEG. During these meetings, speakers are invited to give a viewpoint on European policies having an impact on regional authorities.



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