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Prior to 2008
Previous presidencies


Presidency of Catalunya

Conference of Presidents

  • 15th and 16th of November – Barcelona

    -           Nota Conferencia de Barcelona

    -           Brochure

    -           Speeches

    -           Conclusions

 Coordination Committees (CoCo) meetings:

  • 1st CoCo: 12 February – Brussels
  • 2nd CoCo: 19 March – Brussels
  • 3rd CoCo: 24 April - Berlin


REGLEG's participation in Structured Dialogue


Other activities

Seminar on the Role of European Regions in the Legislative Process of the EU - 4th October 2006 14h30 Committee of the Regions

Better Regulation

"Sub Rosa" event on subsidiarity and the draft EU Constitutional Treaty held in Brussels, 27.04.04

Working Group on Complementary competences

Working Group on "The Principle of Subsidiarity"

Seminar on the implementation of the principle of subsidiarity


map of puppies
map of puppies
map of puppies
map of puppies
map of puppies
map of puppies